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Setting Concrete Slabs Safely and Easily

Individuals who invent things always have trouble getting them to market.  Even when they are good products they may not get enough marketing traction to make it really worthwhile.  There are many products that I have fallen in love with that have simply fallen away with time.  I have used my SlabSetters for years, and they are still available on the market, just not in the big box stores. 


using SlabSettersSlabSetters is a product invented in Manitoba.  It ingeniously addresses the problem of manipulating and positioning large concrete slabs.  What are the problems?  First manipulating a lot of heavy pavers is really tough on the back.  Second they can pinch fingers, toes and all too easily chip the corners of the paver or even crack it in two.

Go to their website to see it in detail – – but essentially these “L” shaped rods with handles allow you to slide down alongside a paver, already placed or to be placed, twist it 90 degrees to get the rod under the paver, then with four of these in place, two people easily lift and carry and place the slab gently and effortlessly where you want.  Even the levelling sand is not bothered. 

Even  if all you want to know is how to properly install concrete pavers, their website has probably the best explanation of that on the web: How To Install Slabs.

They work!  What can I say, they work!  In fact, when I showed them to Lee Valley Tools, they put them in their line-up.  This is a product that I can really endorse.  And I just ask Perry Freiling to keep on inventing.


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Perry Freiling on June 12, 2022 10:15

Thanks so much Jon! You do such an excellent job explaining all the benefits of the Slabsetters tool that those who have used them also often mention.

Hello Perry,

My only problem is getting the neighbours to bring them back.

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