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Why do I recommend Renovco?

Why do I recommend Renovco for renovation and restauration in Montreal and Ottawa?

On HGTV and on my CJAD radio show we hear all the time about bad renovations and poor renovators.  Of course there are many competent companies out there, but we never hear about them in the media.  There are a lot of reasons why a job can go sidewise even when people are trying hard – labour problems in a time of major labour shortages; an absence of inspections and accountability; changing technologies; clients changing the job as it evolves; miscommunication.  It is kind of like the stock market, you need to evaluate a company on its long term performance. 

I work closely with Renovco, I see some of their jobs and of course I am the first to hear any complaints but I also follow-up on clients positive comments.  Throughout the industry, court cases tell an interesting story – judges rarely declare one party or the other totally right or totally wrong, except when dealing with outright crooks.  Last year, out of over 4,000 jobs done by Renovco, I have found just a couple of complaints to be valid.  There were others where something went wrong and Renovco made it right. 

In addition I look at the products that Renovco uses and the commercial partnerships they develop, like with Isometric Windows.  Sure there are better windows on the market, Renovco installs those too, but Isometric is the one with a solid cost/benefit ratio and Renovco has carefully vetted the specifications and hardware they want in windows they install.  They won’t install something that will fail, but they will match products to your budget and expectations. 

For restorations they are fully trained and certified for all hazardous work – protecting their own workers and their customers.  They are equipped to clean things up quickly and then do the rebuilding without panic.  They are not guessing and they are not allowing workmen to ignore or bury future problems. 

Sure, there are many companies who do good work.  Renovco stands tall amongst them and I am comfortable recommending Renovco to my listeners.  (514) 856-9993

Jon Eakes

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