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Why Zoom problem solving consultations are effective and easy to do!

Video conferencing, like Zoom, is known for head-to-head talks, but it is also a dynamic tool for interactive inspections, remote on-site consultations and remote on-site teaching.   

See for yourself!

Let me show you how much amazing detail I can see with a Zoom consultation, and with it being interactive, how clearly I can help you.  In the following video I have excerpted tiny clips from many sessions.  These are all out of context but just notice the detail that comes through.  This really works!  At the end of the video is a short interactive teaching session working together with a single-woman homeowner on how to drill a better hole in the wall.  Learning what to do and how to do it with Zoom live in your house!  At the bottom of the page are links to more complete Zoom consultations if you are really interested.



Contact Me

I encourage you to contact me to see if a short, or long, interactive visual visit to your house might be the key to solving your problem.  For me there is no transportation; for you it costs much less than paying for a trip to your house, can be set-up and completed much quicker and there is no possibility of Covid complications.  In addition, you get a video recording of the visit; no need to take notes.  

Using Zoom consultations also means that I can help more people each week across North America as I am no longer limited to the greater Montreal area. 

You Can Do It

Yes, you can do this as easily as recording your grand kids dancing.  Today we all have this technology, let’s use it in a way we have never done before.

I hope to visit you soon.  Contact information here.

Jon Eakes

See the whole consultations

In the video above I excerpted small clips from real consultations just to illustrate how effective Zoom can be.  Except for those pulled from my 2016 webinar project, neither the house nor the participants are identified because few people want to show off their problems. The full webinar videos can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Matching raised floor levels Detailing an in floor heater Transition between floors at slightly different levels Drywall compound imperfections Drilling straight without a guide

Having found the problem is great.

Learning how to fix it
is even better.

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