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Residential sized units that I can recommend are now available for Canada direct from the factory in Florida.

My research and experience have convinced me that using hydroxyl to clear the air of VOCs, kill mould, neutralize mould spores and more is the safest and most efficient way to make living spaces habitable for people sensitive to all these types of air pollution. This is essentially bringing indoors what nature does outdoors to create “fresh air”.   Click here if you want to understand the science of hydroxyl air sanitation. 

I am slowly collecting a bank of positive experiences by people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), people who need air so clean that people don’t believe them. I am impressed by the range of applications and good results that we are seeing.


Hydroxyl air purifiers are a long-proven air sanitation solution for commercial and institutional ventilation systems as well as for flood and fire restoration work across North America.  Using hydroxyl purifiers has distinct advantages over other technologies:

Because of the cascading nature of hydroxyl destruction of VOCs, Pyure air purifiers reach out into the surrounding space to act on pollution and odours, cleaning everything without bothering people, animals or even plants.

Filtration systems capture what goes through the filter, and expensive HEPA filters need frequent changes.  UV germicidal lamps work on germs that float by near the lamps and linger long enough to be killed.  Ozone is effective but corrosive and cannot be used while any living thing is in the space – people, animals and plants must be removed before an ozone treatment.  Negative Ions are great for your health but clear out pollution by simply sticking it to walls, ceilings and floors with its static charges. 

What does a hydroxyl air purifier do?

It primarily removes VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) from the air, (reduces them to C02 and H2O),

It kills mould and neutralizes spores from live and dead mould anywhere in the room where the air circulates,

There is impressive research available on its action on microbes and viruses.


Several manufacturers use hydroxyl in one device or another but the one company that I have found that provides controlled power providing more hydroxyl than most while staying close to normal outdoor levels is the Pyure Company based in Florida.  I found they have more published research than any other company and are more open to discuss with me the science behind the machines.

They provided machines for me to experiment with, and we are presently working on more research projects to specifically address the problems of hypersensitive individuals who find no other viable answers.   

Because of the demand from schools, hospitals and offices during the pandemic, Pyure was forced to neglect the introduction of their residential line into Canada – and that didn’t make me happy as I had to go through loops to install a device in my own ventilation system.   Working together with Pyure, there are now two lines of Pyure Company distribution in Canada:


Were to buy Large Units in Canada

For purchasing units for large institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings – ask for a local dealer/installer through the website, there are several across Canada (and around the world). 

Where to buy Residential Units in Canada

For purchasing residential sized units in Canada and to gather feedback from individuals suffering from hypersensitivity, we have arranged for direct from the factory purchases, with a deep Canadian discount to help with the exchange rate and shipping: contact me directly at  Yes I make a small commission to help cover the costs of following up and evaluating the real benefit of this technology for people having difficulty living in their own home or apartment. 


Here is a sample of the stories I am collecting:

Cleaning out a new car smell – 5 days

Eliminating a urine smell on bathroom carpet – 2 hours

Clearing heavy perfume contamination by a visitor – 6 hours

Moving into a guest room in a less that perfect house – 6 days

Whole house decontamination – continuous improvement week by week – but got back into the house from the exile in the house trailer in the driveway.  Confirmed that visible mould spores have no more effect – they were deactivated.

Group meetings in the basement – always fresh.

Major renovation of 1850 country pub – musty smell getting better every week as renovations move on.

And your story….


Contact me to discuss your needs related to indoor air quality:

Stay healthy

Jon Eakes


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