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Last Updated: , Created: Saturday, December 11th, 2004

Theft protection on my computer

Laptop computers are made for traveling, but unfortunately that makes them very prone to having someone walk away with them. So we found an incredible software and service company called Absolute Software in Vancouver. You install their software and for a low annual fee, it will call in as often as you like to the Vancouver company. That's right, the computer itself will use a modem or internet connection and report itself in on a regular basis -- and you can't erase the program from the computer, in fact you can't even find it, without the special management disk. So if your computer turns up missing, you report it to the police and to Computrace, they turn on the alarm and as soon as that thief plugs it into either a phone line or an internet connection, Computrace calls the police to tell them where they can find both the computer and the thief. Check it out from Absolute Software .

So now I worry much less about letting SAM (my laptop - named by a TV contest winner as Sensationally Arranged Megabites) out on dates alone anymore.

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