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Last Updated: , Created: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Decorative Asphalt

The guys on this segment have developed a method of compacting patterns into both new and old asphalt for driveways and walkways that they call Street Print. They then cover it with a special durable coating. The final look is surprisingly close to interlocking brick, at a fraction the cost.

The photo shows the main ingredient to this process, a special wire pattern that is forced into a heated asphalt surface. Here they are taking it out, with the compressed pattern left behind.

The TV segment showed the whole process. The biggest part of these guys business are park walkways. From what we have seen of past projects, durability looks good, far better than any other asphalt coating I have seen. The driveway we followed for the show is near our TV studios, so we will be keeping our eye on it for long term performance.

We did go back. Check out "Street Print revisited".

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