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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, September 14th, 2000

Using Fabric Glue

Dave from Pickering Ontario was stuck trying to hem his kids pants and wanted to know if he could just glue it together.

Of all the specialized glues, most shop workers ignore the existence and use of fabric glue -- sometimes called Liquid Thread. When dry, fabric glue is similar to a contact cement in that it is very flexible. One advantage over contact cement is that it is made to withstand a washing machine. Great for hems, frayed ends and people who have no idea how to use a needle and thread. My regular personal use is to patch holes in pockets made by Canadian change that is far too heavy for it's worth.

It is easiest to find in the specialty sewing stores, or the sewing departments of large department and cloth stores. A few of the brand names: Fabric Glue; Lucid Stitch; Jiffy Sew; Craft Bond and Hi-Tak.


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