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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, September 14th, 2000

Re-surfacing Melamine Furniture

Before looking at resurfacing laminate furniture, I gave a small suggestion that a face lifting could be as simple as changing the door and drawer handles. If you haven't visited that isle at the renovation centre lately, you should stop by for a look-see.

You can paint the plastic surface. First lightly sand to remove the gloss. Then use a super adherent primer. That what it is called, "Super Adherent Primer", that states on the can it is for painting plastic laminate surfaces. Special primers also exist now for ceramic tiles. Then any paint you want. The secret is the new primers.

You can also use heat to strip off the old plastic. The heat softens the glue and allows you to peel off the plastic sheets. If they are solid, you can sand off the gloss and then glue on more plastic laminate using contact cement.

Several years ago there were several companies selling laminate DIY "make-over" panels for kitchen cupboards. They seem to have all dissapeared. If anyone knows of one, let me know.

The Fork Handle, and others like it are from the company Amerock.

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