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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, September 14th, 2000

A video screen in a stud finder

The Stud Vision Pro looks just like a video screen. You actually see the stud pass by in the window, showing where is the left hand side, the right hand side and if it is one, two or three studs wide. In addition it shoots out a light to tell you exactly where the center is, made by Zircon. Every time I showed this at a builder's conference, it was a hit. But of course, just because it became my favorite stud finder, they took it off the market. Don't you just hate that. So I called up Zircon and they told me to be patient for a couple of months, they were going to make it even better -- and they did.

The 'One Step Multiscanner i700' finds metal studs, wood studs, AC wires and even has a button that makes a light erasable pencil mark on the wall where you want. In addition this machine doesn't need calibrating as most do. Just push its articulated head to the wall and off you go. It even tells you if you started off moving away from a stud! I am happy again.

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