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Common Name: Cellulose Fiber, ground up newspapers.

Colour: Grey or white.

Thermal Resistance: RSI - .025/mm R - 3.6/in. Good

Cost: Lowest plus blower. (The only blowers that can be rented by homeowners)

Capacity to dry out if wet: Fair to poor

Fire Resistance: Good to Fair (Borax can leach out)

Fungus / Vermin Resistance: Fair

-- Will usually settle.
-- Exposure to water can bleed out fire and bug additives.
-- Absorbs water easily and can become heavy and caked.
-- Very dusty to work with.
-- Not accepted by CMHC for use below ground level.

-- Fills difficult enclosed spaces very well; the short fibers move with the air flow, find and plug air leaks.
-- At proper densities it is a good air barrier.
-- Because it blocks air leaks, it is a very good sound barrier.
-- Normal water vapour passage will not affect the chemical additives.
-- Requires smaller holes than other blown-in insulations.
-- Only blown-in insulation that you can install yourself with rented equipment.

-- Ensure that it does not plug eave vents at the time of installation and that it does not blow over the vents later with normal attic air currents.

-- Attics and any enclosed cavity above ground level, such as walls, roofs and floors -- but for limitations read "CONFLICT: USE OR DON'T USE BLOWN-IN LOOSE FILL INSULATION INSIDE HOLLOW WALLS."


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