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Common Name: Low Density Bead Board

Colour: White and light blue with visible beads

Thermal Resistance: RSI - .025/mm R - 3.6 /in. Good

Cost: Medium

Fire Resistance: Poor. Gives off toxic gas

Fungus / Vermin Resistance: Fair

-- Must be covered. It is a fire hazard if exposed on the inside of the house and will deteriorate if exposed to the sun on the outside of the house.
-- Lowest strength of the rigid insulation: is easily damaged.
-- Will deteriorate if exposed to water for long periods of time.
-- Flies can live in it under the right conditions.

-- Best dollar value in resistance/$ for foam boards
-- Light, easy to handle and cut.
-- Available in a good variety of sizes.
-- Not a vapour barrier, so poses no condensation problems when applied to the outside of the house.
-- Can be glued directly to concrete or wood with proper adhesive.

-- Inside foundation walls, outside upper wall framing under siding, roofs.
-- I do not recommend using it underground, because it absorbs moisture and can deteriorate.


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