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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Viewer tip on lubricating screws for driving into hard woods.

One viewer suggested using spray lubricant on screws to get them to go into wood more easily, even without a pilot hole.

It does work, but be aware that a spray liquid lubricant will stain the wood and prevent any good finish where the lubricant has squeezed off of the screw. There are other ways to lubricate screws that will not affect future finishes.

Some people recommend using a bar of soap on the screw. The problem with soap is that it is water soluble and even attracts moisture, so using soap will actually accelerate screw rusting. The good old standby screw lubricant that has little effect on finishes is paraffin wax. It is not water soluble, and it is not liquid, but it does lubricate screws.

Any time you drive a screw near the edge of hardwood, you do risk splitting the wood if you do not drill a pilot hole first -- lubricant or no lubricant.


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