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    Spatula Tools & Plaster Washers

    Did you ever think of using old kitchen spatulas as wall protectors for pulling nails, or even as a nail puller itself. This segment developed a series of shop uses for common kitchen tools.And I show you the fantastic plaster washers, used to hold cracked or loose plaster in place. These wide ...
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    How to patch a hole in drywall

    When patching a large hole in drywall you can simply put some plaster on a board or a piece of drywall, slide it into the hole and then pull it back tight against the backside of the hole. After the plaster has set, you can then plaster the drywall patch into this bar across the hole.You can als...
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    Cracks in the drywall wall.

    Tony from Montreal has problems with cracks in his walls. All of the cracks followed drywall joints just above the corners of windows and doors. Tony thought it was his electrical radiant heating in the ceiling that was causing the problem. This could be partially true, but more likely it is rel...