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    Tuning up a clothes dryer.

    John Gagnon calls himself the Appliance Doctor, working out of Oshawa, Ontario. He picked up an old dryer off of the street and brought it into studio to show that it should never have been thrown away.In less than a minute he had opened up the front (wedge a screwdriver into the slot betwee...
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    Tips for using the Clothes Dryer.

    Kelly in Mount Hope, Ontario suggests putting a damp cloth in the dryer with wrinkled shirts and they will come out free of wrinkles.Put a new tennis ball in the dryer with a duvet and it will keep the stuffing from bunching up.
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    Clothes dryers should vent outdoors.However, clothes dryers do make excellent humidifiers and if you really want a ton of water vapour in the laundry room you could very well vent yours indoors.Special lint traps and by-pass valves exist to aid you in venting a clothes dryer indoors in the win...