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    Overview: Attic Moisture

    Ventilation in a Canadian attic does very little to remove moisture when the temperature in the attic is below freezing. During that time, the moisture is in the form of Ice and the passing air simply won't remove it -- whether you have passive vents or power vents. When things warm up, if the ...
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    Condensation at wall to ceiling joint

    Mould at the wall to ceiling joint, particularly in a cool bedroom or a closet, may not indicate water leakage at all from above. It can be a very cold part of the wall simply collecting moisture from the air in the house. This kind of condensation can easily feed mould growth.One solution is t...
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    Dust marks following studs on wall -- Ghosting

    Ralph from Red Deer Alberta sees the shadows of every 2x4 and every nail on the inside of the house not long after painting. I don't think he really wanted to hear that we call this "ghosting".\012\012Actually it is caused by thermal bridging; cold following the studs through the insulation and ...
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    Installing a Mirror Defogger

    Wiping a steamed up bathroom mirror with your hand can be grounds for divorce.The Clear Mirror electrical mirror defogger could save your marriage. This is an electrical pad with self adhesive backing that glues to the back of your mirror. You tie a transformer into the bathroom light to power i...
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    Installing a linen closet against an outside wall

    Peter from Toronto wanted to know about installing a linen closet against an outside wall. The major concern expressed by Jon was the moisture issue, as the closet is in a bathroom.The bathroom must have an exhaust fan to reduce the moisture accumulation.The outside wall of the closet should ha...
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    Should we weather-strip the Attic Hatch?

    Lawrence in Toronto Ontario is wondering if his attic hatch might be letting moisture leak into the attic.Definitely! This hatch should be treated as an outside door and it needs to be weather-stripped and latched down tight. It is usually a very easy job by simply applying some of the adhesive...
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    Thermal Bridging

    Wood is not as good an insulation material as is any of the products we call thermal insulation: fiberglass, Styrofoam etc. Yet up to 24% of our walls are wood all the way through. Metal framing is even less resistant to heat loss than is wood. Typically the insulation is placed in-between the...