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    "Energy Efficient Housing -- A Prairie Approach" is the only book I know of which advises against this practice (check out the graphic, keyword "ventilation", title "WHAT IS A CONTROLLED COLD-AIR INLET?"), so I asked the Saskatoon Research Council why. They are not against the practice in genera...
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    Stale, humid air must be exhausted from the house, both to allow for fresh air and to maintain a high neutral plane. For this reason we need a planned-hole-high-in-the-house, but the air going out must come into the house from somewhere. If you carefully seal all the leaks in the house to m...
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    The combustion air duct for my furnace freezes the basement. What to do?

    When the contractor installed a new furnace, he put in a great big air duct from outdoors right into the furnace room. This tends to freeze the basement floor. Can I close it off?Response:This duct is necessary in most modern homes and even in well sealed renovations to assure adequate air f...
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    Floor heating grill booster fan

    Here is a little fan that just sits on top of the heating grill. It senses hot air and turns on to add some boost to the air flow in an area that doesn't get enough heat. It is called the Register Booster by Field Controls.
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    Compare: Ground Source Heat Pump vs. Propane Furnace

    An e-mail from Roger in Cambelleville Ontario:We have just started to build our home (3300 sq. ft.) and I recently found out that natural gas is not available. So the great debate begins on what fuel source to use. I have narrowed down my selection to radiant heat using a propane to heat the ...
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    HRV - both supply and exhaust ducted to furnace. Is this a good idea?

    I have occasionally been asked my opinion about a particular way to install a ventilation system (HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilator) that is considered acceptable in Ontario: Ducting both the supply and the exhaust runs of an HRV into the return air plenum of a forced air furnace. To understand t...
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    Poor heat distribution in a house

    Barb from Regina has a house with a slab on grade with the furnace in a closet and the heating ducts running under the concrete and the cold air return high on an inside wall. Some of the ducts don't give her much heat and the floor is often cold.High inside wall heating and return ducts were...
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    Getting heat to a back bedroom

    Anthony in Vancouver BC can't get enough heat into the upper story of the house.  He has already tried playing with the balancing dampers on the furnace ducts to try and force more air to the far reaches of the house.When that fails, just about the only thing you can do is to add a special "in-li...
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    Oil smell from a furnace

    Tom in Newfoundland has problems of oil smells when the wind blows a certain direction.As you can see in his photo, the chimney is low for his own roof, and then overshadowed by the roof of the larger house -- causing the wind to blow right down the chimney. The rule of thumb is that if you m...