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    Fence Post Specifications

    The depth of the fence posts into the ground must be at least one foot below the frost level for your region. As well, one third of the total length of the post should be in the ground. This means that in mild regions the posts will be well below frost simply because of their length. In regions w...
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    What is the difference between green & brown pressure treated wood?

    Andy wants to know what is the difference between green and brown pressure treated wood, and why is the brown stuff only available in Western Canada?The only difference is a brown stain added to imitate Cedar, a marketing necessity in the West where Cedar is inexpensive and popular for deck build...
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    When should you paint pressure treated wood?

    Wayne from Halifax, NS writes: Is there any problem painting or staining new projects that are built with pressure treated wood?My reason for this question is....I was always told to wait at least one year before painting. You had a Canadian Wood Council representative on your show approximatel...
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    Pressure Treated Wood and poor immune systems.

    Pierre from St. Lazar, Quebec writes: This morning on CJAD radio you mentioned an article about the environmental issues around Pressure treated wood and that it was on the CJAD web site and also that it was quite safe. I hear all kinds of conflicting info on this and need as much info as pos...
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    Decks and Stains

    Linda in Oakville has finished a deck and asks Jon about the correct stain to use.Stains are optional and only serve the purpose of changing the colour of the wood. Opaque stains are not made for walking surfaces, they are not durable enough.What is not optional is a water repellent and some f...
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    Nails through the ages

    It is interesting that as nails become more and more modern, they begin to resemble the original hand made spikes. Of the two little finishing brads in my hand, the one on the left is a hand cut one from yesteryear and the one on the right is a finishing nail from a nailing gun rack. To wor...