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    Detailing a Basement Wine Cellar

    John wants to cerate a wine cellar in his basement.  Here I have answered him throughly enough to perhaps help you detail your own cold room, whether it is under a concrete porch, or just built in the corner of the basement -- trying to deal with the questions of insulation, condensation, vapour ...
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    Insulating a Cold Room under a cottage

    Gary from Thunder Bay, Ontario, wants to dig a relatively small storage space under his cottage, through the crawl space, although he plans to make it about 8 feet deep, and wants to know just how to insulate it to keep the contents from freezing.Aside from putting about 4 inches of foam insulati...
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    A tip for keeping cold rooms cold.

    Brian from Owen Sound, Ontario has passed on his tip for keeping cold rooms cold.He simply brings in a 4 inch duct from outdoors high up on one side of the room and points it toward the floor. On the other end of the room he brings in a second duct in the same fashion but locates this one at the...
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    How to insulate a cold room

    Mary from Kingston, Ontario writes:I would like to build a small cold room but the space that can be allotted to this is only approximately 42 in. wide by 48 in. deep. Is this feasible? One of the walls will be an outside, north-facing cement block wall, the others will abut on the interior....