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    OVERVIEW: What finish should I put on my deck & how?

    revised Spring 2009 WEATHER Follow this link for details on critical weather specifications for applying water repellents to outdoor wood. MOISTURE PROOFING Although pressure treated wood, cedar and redwood will not rapidly develop rot, any wood left totally unprotected outdoors will grey wit...
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    Weather Restrictions: Stains -- Latex & Oil based

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Finishes     Product: Stains -- Latex & Oil based Temperature Limitations: Use above +10 C (+50 F) and below +32 C (+90 F) Rain Limitations: No rain for 24 hours Wind Limitations:  High winds ...
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    Can I paint over stain?

    Kelly wants to know if it is possible to paint over something that already has stain on it.The answer is YES, but only if the stain is ready! What do I mean by that?Most stain has water repellents built into it. Look at the first photo and you can see how the water is beading up, rather than so...
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    What to do about pine sap oozing out of a deck?

    Donna lives in Georgian Bay, Ontario but has to share her deck with hornets that are attracted to the pine sap oozing out of her deck. What to do?Pine sap will not stop oozing until it has all crystallized inside the wood. This process can be accelerated with heat, but even kiln dried and aged b...