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    What else can you find in a caulking tube?

    We all know that caulking comes in caulking tubes, or more properly called cartridges. But there are a lot of other interesting products available to squeeze out of a caulking gun.Latex mortar for minor brick mortar repairsWindow glazingAdhesives of all kinds - like Liquid NailsRoofing patch
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    Dealing with a drafty house.

    Caulking on the outside of the house has very little to do with stopping cold air drafts from getting into the house. It's purpose is to weather proof the wall against rain penetration. It doesn't generally stop air flow since most siding is purposefully ventilated.Caulking inside the house ...
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    What is temporary caulking?

    Temporary caulking is a transparent caulking specifically designed to be put on a window frame in the Fall and then peeled off in the Spring. It is used to actually caulk old windows, usually sliders, shut for the winter because their weather-stripping just isn't keeping the cold out. Remem...