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    Chimneys that Work! -- an overview

    Chimneys : The Six CommandmentsChimney does not belong to the house, but to its appliance.More carefully sized to the heating appliance.Be insulated.Be tightly constructed.Be located within the heating envelope of the house.Terminate at or near the highest point of the building.The best resource...
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    Installing a Gas Fireplace Insert

    Free standing gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and in this segment from my TV show, a cross breed between the two put a very inefficient fireplace back into operation. Yes you need a chimney liner when you do something like this - that is the duct sticking out of the fireplace in the photo....
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    Poor draft up a wood fireplace chimney

    Daniel in Ottawa has a lot of trouble getting the fire started without smoke in the house.Chimneys on the outside of the house always have more problems than chimneys that run up inside the warm part of the house. There may not be enough air available for the draft to start, which can be demo...
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    Installing a chimney liner

    Here we saw a oil furnace chimney that had completely plugged up with debris from trees, pieces of terracotta chimney liner and soot.Use of a Chim Scan video camera down the chimney permitted to determine that there were many open joints inside this chimney. The only real alternatives were to co...
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    Is there a problem moving a chimney outside the house?

    John in Thunder Bay has moved his gas burning fireplace from the centre of the house and he is moving it to the side of the basement and wants to run it up the outside of the house. He was asking if there could be any problem with downdrafting by doing this. The answer is that this is the worst...