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    Condensation at wall to ceiling joint

    Mould at the wall to ceiling joint, particularly in a cool bedroom or a closet, may not indicate water leakage at all from above. It can be a very cold part of the wall simply collecting moisture from the air in the house. This kind of condensation can easily feed mould growth.One solution is t...
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    Green slime on a BC deck

    Gerry, one of the Home Improvement Guys on CFUN radio in Vancouver joined me in working on a solution for Ramona's slimy green BC deck which you can see in the photo.Here is the Home Improvement Guys' BC mix for removing outdoor slime:FALL CLEANING FORMULA (also known as Spring Cleaning Formula...
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    Special Report: Mould in your house

    Mould will form anywhere you have moisture for a long period of time at a warm temperature. Some moulds grow and feed on organic materials including drywall paper, wall paper glue and of course wood. Other moulds simply grow on the surface, which means that moulds can grow wherever they can...
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    Cleaning: mould in the bathroom; grout in the foyer

    Frank from Oshawa Ontario has problems with cleaning mould off the grout in the bathroom and dirt off the grout in the foyer.Soaked in dirt and stain in the foyer could be bleached out. If that doesn't work you will have to use a grout knife to remove some and re-grout. Remember to always dig...