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    Kitchen renovation tips and selecting counter tops

      There are a myriad of choices for a new kitchen, from style to counter top materials – and choosing what is right for you has always been a balance between your “desires” and your “budget”.  This kitchen renovation tips article was written in 2003 in Toronto, but the basic information is still...
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    Pro: Shelving that does not Sag

    Everything you thought you already knew about shelving before they started to sag. Whether it is shelving for your own shop or for your clients, do you really know what material will hold how much weight over the long run? We all have sagging storage shelves in our shops, but wouldn't dare put t...
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    Making and adjusting Slots, Grooves and Dados

    In woodworking a slot is a channel usually made to receive another piece. It is either designed to be a tight fit to hold something together like shelving or T&G flooring, or a sliding fit to permit things to move. A little research on vocabulary will tell us that a dado is a slot cut a...
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    Floating Shelves

    David from Kingston, Nova Scotia had a question about a floating shelf he was trying to build himself, but before answering his question I wanted to show some commercial 'floating' shelves that you can purchase.Just what is a 'floating' shelf? It is a shelf that appears to have little or not...
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    Making the holes for adjustable shelving -- without measuring

    If you have followed me for a few years you know that I hate tape measurers, just because I hate making mistakes. That is why I love jigs.When you want to drill all those evenly spaced holes in the cabinet sides, and all four support pins have to line up with each other or else the shelf will wo...
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    Storage Ideas -- home made and commercial

    Tom from Toronto has made 'door storage' by simply suspending old doors from the ceiling or the wall, as you can see in the first two photos above.Then there is the home made "free form" drawer that you thought was condemed when you put a sink in front of the drawer front.  The bottom of the draw...
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    How do you avoid building shelves that sag?

    Shelves can sag directly because there is too much weight for the support provided, or they can sag over time with the fatigue of certain wood products, like particle board, especially in high humidity conditions. So although particle board may hold up as well as plywood or real wood at the begi...
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    Hanging Things on Metal Studs

    We often say that heavy objects that need to be hung on the wall must be attached directly into a stud. When you have steel studs, this can require special blocking before the wall is built -- or special attachment tactics if you want to go directly into the steel stud without wood blocking.