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  • A Christmas Tree Stand -- that centers itself and grabs the tree.

    Here is a Christmas tree stand that has a foot pedal that activates four claws that centre the tree and grab a hold of it. Very easy and very sturdy. Year after year I see variations on this -- send me the best you have found.
  • Miter Saw Stands

    Miter Saw stands are generally categorized into 4 types of support systems for miter saws: 1) Rail systems that look much like saw horses; 2) fixed or portable tables with the saw bolted into place; 3) hybrids of rails and tables and finally 4) part kits that assemble around a large 2x wood c...
  • Choosing a mitre saw.

    One of our viewers is looking to redo all the trim in his house so he is wondering which mitre saw he should buy. The variety is very confusing but there are two basic types:  Fixed mitre boxes that go up and down. They will cut mitres, angles to the right or the left and most of them will cut...