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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

A potter who makes his own clay!

Paul Kaye is a potter who makes fine terracotta pots, but we took the TV cameras to see not how he makes his pots, but how he makes his own clay. Making his own clay gives him total control over the quality of the product -- and he makes it from old scrap concrete construction blocks. He grinds them up, creates a slurry, presses out the water and then "pugs" the clay into something ready to throw on his potters wheel. 'Plugging' is like squeezing very fat spaghetti out of a pasta machine.

He makes clay for both himself and his wife, which helps justify the incredible clay-making setup he has developed at Night & Day Studio in Elora, Ontario.

Keywords: Crafts, Clay, Environmental, Techniques

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