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    Although some experimentation with earth sheltering (burying part of the house underground) is going on in Canada, our soil conditions and frost penetrations make this type of insulation uneconomical. Most earth-sheltered homes are found in the middle and southern areas of the US, where it is us...

    This is a quick summary table of all the common types of thermal house insulation. You can find details on each material by looking up "insulation" then "types".
  • What to do about pine sap oozing out of a deck?

    Donna lives in Georgian Bay, Ontario but has to share her deck with hornets that are attracted to the pine sap oozing out of her deck. What to do?Pine sap will not stop oozing until it has all crystallized inside the wood. This process can be accelerated with heat, but even kiln dried and aged b...
  • When should you paint pressure treated wood?

    Wayne from Halifax, NS writes: Is there any problem painting or staining new projects that are built with pressure treated wood?My reason for this question is....I was always told to wait at least one year before painting. You had a Canadian Wood Council representative on your show approximatel...