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Uni-Click flooring -- a laminate flooring

There has been a revolution in hardwood flooring with the creation of a wide range of thin laminate-style floors with either a real wood veneer or a photographic plastic veneer on the top. At first we called these floors "floating floors" because they were designed to be glued to each other and just ?floated? on a foam pad rather than being fastened to the subfloor. This totally eliminated shrinkage problems and noisy floors. Then as their use expanded, we now float them, glue them down, or nail them down, and they come in about any finish you can imagine. So today we call them "engineered flooring," meaning simply that they are some kind of a manufactured laminate and not solid lumber.

Now there is one new dimension available with these "engineered flooring" systems. The tongue and groove has been modified to snap, or click, together. Bring a piece in on an angle, fit the tongue into the groove and when you lie it flat, it locks into place -- without any glue. This floating floor now has the unique characteristic that you can easily take it apart. Why? An ideal product for renters in apartments. Put in a beautiful floor that the landlord would not pay for, and pack it up when you leave. Or move it from one room to another within your home.

Thanks for the samples from the Hardwood Flooring Store in Markham, Ontario.


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