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Installing a Toilet

In this segment we went step by step through removing an old toilet and installing a new Crane toilet. Let me repeat just a few of the little details:

- Sponge out all the water from the old toilet so it doesn't drain all down the hallway when you get rid of the old toilet.

- Use your legs, with your forearms resting on your upper legs, to lift a toilet. Don't use your back.

- Don't re-use wax rings when setting the toilet on the floor -- always use a new one. The wax rings with the plastic funnel work the best and ensure a better installation than just a ring of wax. Wax rings strike me as being more sanitary (they won't hold water) than sponge rings.

- Tighten all nuts just tight enough to have things sitting firmly, otherwise you might break the porcelain. If the toilet will not sit flat without rocking on the tiles, you could try placing shims under the high side. It must not rock or it will eventually leak, or the porcelain might even crack.

If shims don't work for you, follow this link to a radical leveling technique without having to re-tile the floor.


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