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Special Report: Where to install a CO Detector

Where to install your Carbon Monoxide detector:

Carbon Monoxide mixes relatively evenly with the air, thus your detector does not need to be placed near the ceiling like your smoke detector. It is smart to install a detector near all bedrooms, near the furnace room and near an attached garage (at least 5 feet away).

Choosing a Detector
1) Choose one that fits your lifestyle, and your pocketbook.
2) Look for the CSA "CAN/CGA 6.19" or UL "2034" stamp of approval. These two standards are the new (1999) standards that have weeded out some of the poor detectors that were on the market when CO detectors first came on the market.
3) Make sure the detector offers a solid warranty, 5 years or over.

Make sure one of these numbers is on your CO detector, and if not, buy a new one!

CSA -- CAN/CGA 6.19

UL -- 2034


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