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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Bathroom retrofit pocket doors

Accessibility is all about ease of movement about the house -- for wheelchairs, for walkers, even for people who simply have less mobility or less finger and hand dexterity.

Sliding pocket doors are much easier to maneuver around than swinging doors. In this installation, an extra wide door was chosen to give enough room for a wheelchair and some extra space for an easy-to-grip handle. Most pocket doors have hidden hardware for pulling them out of the pocket -- something that can be daunting for someone with arthritis. Here they put a special bumper on the door to keep it sticking out of its pocket enough to attach a simple pull handle on the face of the door without the pull handle bumping into the frame on either side of the door. The heavy duty hanging hardware was not only height adjustable, but with it's "T" design, made it possible to lift the door up off of its track without having to have the clearance to swing it out.

Another interesting trick to this installation was the fact that there were three doors on one wall: two hallways and a bathroom in-between. Rather than fighting with the structure of the house to make room for the pocket doors, they simply built a false wall in front of the existing wall, specifically to handle the three pocket doors. That saved them from all the complications of cutting into a load bearing wall. The installation was carried out by Complete Home Care in Hillsbourgh, Ontario.

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