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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Booster fans for the heating in the back bedroom.

When you just can't get enough hot air to come out of that back bedroom floor grill and you have tried everything (like balancing your heating system), there is still hope.

We took a look at two fans on the market designed to boost that hot air.

The first, and the easiest to install and use is a remote controlled grill replacement fan -- the AirFlow Breeze ultra. This fan can also be used to draw air through a wall from one room to another, such as for wood stove applications -- or to simply move air from the ceiling to the floor through an empty stud space. Probably the slickest of the through the wall fans on the market.

The other is a fan that you can add to the heating duct itself by cutting into a duct and attaching this booster that will help to push the air along the duct. You can wire it into the furnace itself so it goes on with the furnace fan, or use a special sensor that knows when air is moving in the duct to kick in the booster fan. 

These are all "add-on" products but even more powerful In-Line fans are also available.

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