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Last Updated: , Created: Friday, December 7th, 2001

An oscillating miracle tool: The FEIN MultiMaster.

In this segment of my TV show I had a chance to show off what is probably my favourite new tool -- yes I really recommend this thing. It does not spin, it does not hammer and it does not move in orbits. It simply obsoletes left and right a very small amount. The secret is in the great variety of blades you can attach to it. It has wood saws with very sharp and very thin blades, capable of cutting the tongue right off an installed floorboard, or go right through the hardwood itself to trim an end. I have used this blade to cut through a lath and plaster wall with almost no dust and a very clean cut. It has blades with no teeth to act as glue scrapers, very efficient glue scrapers. It has blades with carbide dust on the edge for jobs like removing grout, or with carbide dust on the face for grinding operations. It has sanders, metal saws, miniature saws for getting into impossible places and shapes that will allow you to work right up to a wall or counter.

The FEIN Multi-Master is a tool in its own category. It comes from Europe and is and is becoming more and more available in stores and on the web.

In fact I like it so much that I convinced the FEIN company to work with me to produce a long series of videos on the techniques of using it -- You will find all of that in the Learning Curve tab at the top of the page: Oscillating Tools.

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