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  • Rent a Drywall Lifter for working on ceilings.

    Some things I never buy but always rent, such as the drywall lift that you see in the photo. That puts drywall right up to your ceiling and holds it there until you get it screwed in for under $30 a day. That's a lot less than a chiropractor's visit. It can also be used for placing the drywall o...
  • A grout cutter for your Dremel

    Here is a special bit and guide to put on your Dremel. It is specifically made to remove grout from between ceramic tiles, quickly and easily. Grout Removal Attachment Kit
  • A portable re-bar bending tool

    Hitichi let me play with a prototype of a portable machine that will bend re-bar to any shape you want, with absolutely no effort. Expensive and used for heavy construction sites -- but a really nifty gadget. It is like playing with re-bar like they were paper clips.
  • A cordless machine for cutting all-thread clean

    Here is a battery operated machine that makes clean cuts in all sizes of continuous thread bolts, leaving them ready to receive the nuts - made by Hitachi.
  • A hole saw big enough for a 6" ventilation duct!

    This is a special story. The biggest hole saw you can find on the shelves of hardware stores across Canada is 6 inches. All the companies stop at 6. But you can't put the new 6" ventilation ducts through a 6 inch hole, you need a little more. So I personally pushed Starrett Tools to see if they...
  • Save your Sandpaper

    If your sandpaper for your power tools are plugged up but not worn out you can get a crepe block that you simply push into the running sandpaper and the clogs come out. If you can't find a true crepe sandpaper cleaning block, use an old pair of crepe soled shoes. They work just as well.
  • TIP: Picking up metal shavings from a drill.

    Jim from Windsor, Ontario has a really good suggestion for getting metal shavings away from the area where you are drilling a hole. Simply place some magnets around the hole an inch or so away and the shavings will all fly away from the drilling area and collect on the magnets. It really works.
  • Radial Arm Saw Sanding Disk

    I have a copy of your Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw , am interested in the article on page 52 relating to planning the table flat, but I can't seem to find anyone that knows where to obtain the rigid sanding disk that is shown in figure 3-46. I hope you might know where to obtain one. - Willia...
  • Comparing the Worm Saw and the Circular Saw.

    For years the standard framing saw has been a big heavy powerful thing called a Worm Saw. The name originally came from a special Worm Gear that gave it the shape (the motor back in line with the handle) and its great power. Today the worm gear has been modified to what is called a "Hypoid Gear...
  • Drill Press basics.

    Every once in a while I like to get back into the shop and point out some of the basics of one of the tools there. Just about everybody figures they know how to use the simple drill press, but in fact there are a lot of basics that I see missed quite often.First, realise you can shift the table ...