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Last Updated: , Created: Friday, January 25th, 2002

Commercial "back out" toilets for basements.

Jeff in Ottawa, Ontario wanted to put a toilet in his basement but was worried about the slope required from the toilet exit to the floor drain. He was even looking at an expensive toilet pump.

One easy solution for basement toilets is often overlooked. Drilling through a concrete floor is never fun. Did you know that most floors in Europe are concrete? They don't drill through the floor for their toilets. Rather, they build their toilets so that they exit out the back. Even North American toilets exit out the back, but usually these are only used in commercial or industrial construction. Yet regular companies like American Standard make toilets you can hang on the wall, or ones like in the photo that simply exit out the back several inches off the floor. You will probably have to special order them, but they are available. Now with the drain slope 1 inch in 50 inches, you can go a long ways before you have to dig into the concrete floor.

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