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Alternatives for bathroom supplemental heating.

Need a little more heat in the bathroom? Here is a quick run-through of some of the possibilities for supplemental heating for this small room.

You are probably familiar with ceiling mounted heat lamps, usually red. Are you aware that they now have "white" heat lamp bulbs as you see in the second photo. These will give both light and heat. Be careful that if these are installed in an insulated ceiling, they must be in special boxes that allow insulation to be packed around them and be air tight as well to avoid moisture into that insulated attic. Some of them can by-pass these heat problems by having an active exhaust fan that draws the air across the heat lamp. But you need to seal them air tight as with any exhaust fan found in the attic. (Air King)

You can actually warm those tiles with a DIY electrical wire system that goes under the tile, embedded right in the thin-set mortar. With as little as 300 watts, you can heat that area in front of the sink and mirror. Your mate will love you for it. (Easy Heat -- Heron Cables)

How about a hydronic towel rack. That's right. This set of bronze piping ties into your hot water heating system, looks great on the wall and dries your towels at the same time. At bit up-scale at $5,000, but it is cheaper than having a butler hanging around the bathroom all the time. (Myson)

You can have hot water heating in the bathroom floor even if you don't have hot water heating in the house. The last photo shows a system that is designed for small spaces and ties into the ordinary hot water tank of the house to keep that floor warm, whether you have ceramic or vinyl tiles, or even a rug over the top. (Plasco)

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