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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

Cordless battery operated pneumatic nailer.

You know how I like to show you new and innovative tools. Here is a really new one, a hoseless pneumatic finishing nailer! No I am not talking about the fuel cell driven nailers, this one really runs on air.

Now how can you have an air driven pneumatic nailer without a hose and compressor? Well, they built the compressor and storage tank right into the nailer and power it with a standard power tool battery. It is amazing how light the tool is (compressor and all) without the battery. The battery is the heavy part and makes it a bit awkward for holding horizontally when nailing, although Porter Cable's research tells them that 90% of finish nailing is done with the gun in the vertical position, and in this position it is comfortable to use.

If you do want to use a compressor, there is a hose connector, and you could even remove the weight of the battery. Running a compressor is a new use for batteries that I have not seen before this. Porter Cable Cordless Brad Nailer (BN200V12). It should be on the shelves in the Spring of 2002.

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