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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

Set-up tips for your Radial Arm Saw.

Although sliding mitre saws have largely replaced the Radial Arm Saw in many wood working shops, and few people ever even use the radial arm saw for precision work even if they have one, the Radial Arm Saw can do everything that a table saw can do, with even more precision.

The primary advantage of a table saw is stability for production work. But most of us only build one of a kind furniture or small series of objects. Here the Radial Arm Saw excels because you can see everything that is going on with the cutting on the top and the reach and versatility is far greater than with any power mitre saw, plus it takes much less room in the shop. In fact I build custom furniture with the Radial cutting to 128th of an inch and dead square. But then I wrote the adjustment book -- which was actually simply putting to paper the first hour of woodworking seminars I used to give across the country.

Lee Valley Tools originally published Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw and when the print run was sold out they decided not to reprint it as the radial arm saw was loosing favor in the marketplace. People just thought it was too complicated, or never imagined what they could do with it. By the grace of new technology, that out of print book is now available in electronic format and can be downloaded from this site on the Learning Curve tab.  So for those of you who are hoarding copies, you can now read Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw on your computer or print it out for your neighbour. At 300 dpi it will print out with the same graphics quality as the original book.

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