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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

The new swivel head recriprocating saw.

OK. Porter Cable blew me away again with a new reciprocating saw that will be available in the Spring of 2002.

The first photo shows a regular reciprocating saw cutting right through four nails, which is why we call it the demolition saw.

The second photo shows a cordless recrip saw, which I am not that excited about because I would hate to run out of battery power when I was climbing in the rafters.

The third photo shows how often we get stuck in a position where even this very versatile demolition tool can't get into the cramped space to do it's job, requiring that we cut out extra structure just to get to the one we need to cut.

Then you see the new "Claw", set up in an almost 90 degree position to cut.

If you look closely at the rest of the photos, or watch the TV segment again, you will see that you can position the main pivot through a full 180 degrees, making it anything from 90 degrees left to straight forward to 90 degrees right. But even once you have set the angle of the head, you can swivel the blade itself like a scroll saw a full 360 degrees during operation. If this thing can't get in and cut that hole, nothing will do the job.

Here is innovation in a sturdily built tool that is going to run away with the demolition saw category until all the other companies copy it.

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