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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, February 19th, 2002

Viewer tested items: quiet toilet; door catch; leg heater.

Our viewers have been recommending products of late. Here are three that my staff tested and I really liked.

The Quiet Fill toilet valve from Korky does in fact fill a toilet differently. A regular toilet will fill with a full flow for a while then slowly the valve closes down and it gets noisier for a while then finally off, if it doesn't start vibrating as it closes off. The Quiet Fill actually makes just about the same noise as the full flow of a regular toilet, but when it gets to the top, it suddenly snaps off -- no long slow rattling.

Touch'n Hold from National Hardware is a great screen door closer/catch. With traditional screen door closers, you have to grab that oily little bent piece of metal and slide it out to hold the door open -- with your arms full of groceries of course. With Touch'n Hold, you simply open the door to where you want to hold it, hit the button on the extension arm with a hand, elbow or foot -- and the door stays open. Hit it again, and it closes.

Need a little more heat under your work desk? Those fan operated heaters can get too hot, or go back and fourth between cold and hot. This radiant heating pad from Marley just looks like a picture frame, or metal plate. Nothing in front or back. No moving parts. Just even warm heat radiating out to your legs. It plugs into a regular outlet.

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