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Last Updated: , Created: Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Epoxy wrap for a leaking pipe - Pow-R-Wrap!

A viewer from Aurora, Ontario has a small pin hole leak in a copper pipe in the wall and wants to know if there is any way to fix it without having to tear the whole wall open and replace the pipe.

There exists an epoxy wrap called "Pow-R-Wrap". You simply turn off the water to relieve the pressure on the leaking line. Clean the area with steel wool. Then dip the epoxy soaked cloth strip in water, as water is the activation agent for this material (this means it will work under water as well). Then wrap over the leak. Keep smoothing the wrapping until it becomes hard to be sure that it stays tight throughout it's curing process (only a couple of minutes). You can use it as a temporary or even a permanent fix for metal, plastic or rubber pipe or hose.

After I showed this on TV people began to ask me about further uses. Can it be used on a gas line to a furnace? Yes, but by the nature of gas you should consider it a temporary fix and have a professional in to check it out or replace the ruptured parts. Can it be used on an oil line to a furnace.Yes! The oil will not affect the epoxy, and it is a thick liquid not even under much pressure. Pow-R-Wrap is a permanent fix for the oil line to the furnace.


This is the kind of thing you want to have around in your home "first aid kit".

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