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A great new tool for measuring angles - The SawSet

A great new tool for measuring angles – The SawSet.  Cabinet makers and finished carpenters have always used two legged devices that you could set to any angle, lock down and transfer that angle to something else. But to measure angles, we have always been limited to reading impossible little rays of angles spreading out from the pivot point of a measuring device.  There is not much accuracy with a two or three inch diameter angle scale.  

The SawSet increases the accuracy greatly by having a much larger scale.  The Stainless Steel laser engraved tool has a 7 inch scale while the durable ABS plastic scale has a high visibility 8 inch scale. 

Second it removes math errors by giving you a direct read-out of the angle you need to put on your miter saw. One side of the tool is marked for a double miter cut, like two trim pieces meeting in a corner, while the other side is for a single bevel, like a stairway spindle joining the hand rail. 

You actually take your angle off of the work with a sliding bevel.  Then put the bevel on the SawSet and read directly what angle you need to set your miter saw – no math to mess up. 

As you can see in my miter saw videos, I always suggest that you make a quick cut on a piece of scrap, take that to the job and see if you are cutting on the proper side of the saw and the proper face of the trim.  The Saw Set then turns that quick cut into an extremely accurate joint because the measuring scale is almost as large or larger than the scale on your saw.  As they say, “Size does matter”. 

Although many gadgets for setting miter saws to the proper angle have come and gone, this one is simple and solid.  Lee Valley Tools carries the Stainless Steel model, and both are available on Amazon or directly from SawSet with PayPal. And yes, it was invented in Canada.

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