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  • Is your level level and your square square?

    How can you be sure your level is level or your square is square? Flip the levelPlace the level on any table. It doesn't even need to be a level table. Take a close look at where the bubble comes to rest. It does not need to be in the middle, just note where it really lands. Then rotate the le...
  • Speciality tools -- things you may not have even known existed

    What do you do with the wood plane in the first photo? Not only does the base adjust to different curves, but can be reversed for outside curves. This is the standard plane for making barrel staves and wagon wheels. Although I have never made a wagon wheel I have used it for finishing off ...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Dressing the Table

  • A great new tool for measuring angles - The SawSet

    A great new tool for measuring angles – The SawSet.  Cabinet makers and finished carpenters have always used two legged devices that you could set to any angle, lock down and transfer that angle to something else. But to measure angles, we have always been limited to reading impossible little ray...