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Speciality tools -- things you may not have even known existed

What do you do with the wood plane in the first photo? Not only does the base adjust to different curves, but can be reversed for outside curves. This is the standard plane for making barrel staves and wagon wheels. Although I have never made a wagon wheel I have used it for finishing off curved beams in a spiral staircase.

ScribeAll is one of the best inside / outside scribes I have ever seen. The integrated ruler measures to the point or to the hook in both inches and metric, placing the centre of the pencil right where you want it.

Do you have problems getting a finishing nail punch into a tight space, or always hitting your fingers. How about a right angle nail punch?

Have you ever cut a piece of sheet metal ducting to length and then tried to pleat the end into a proper sliding fit joint? You need metal pleating crimps that look like pliers but have 5 off-set blades that create the proper pleat with a simple squeeze of the handle. Another style is made specifically for square downspouts.

Need to find the centre of a round piece of wood. This attachment to a sliding 'T' square will quickly locate the middle of any circle with just two or three pencil lines.

When you need a straight edge for router or circular saw cutting and the clamps always get in the way, here is a straight edge with a cam action clamp that squeezes from opposite sides of the board, holding the straight edge in place with no raised obstructions.

Have you tried to trim just a little bit off the edge of a piece of drywall and just made a mess? This edge trimmer has two knifelike wheels that adjust from 6 inches to about half an inch from the edge. Draw then down the edge and you get both sides of the board scored in perfectly straight parallel lines. Just snap off the excess. This one is only sold in specialty drywall stores.

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