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Last Updated: , Created: Monday, January 5th, 2004

Tempo -- the temporary winter garage.

No, those are not plastic igloos that you see in the photo above, but temporary winter structures called Tempo. As you can see in the photo, and if you caught the TV show you saw even more, there are Tempos as far as you could see in every direction. Most people use them as a temporary garage, especially when your home has no garage -- avoiding scraping windows for the rest of the winter. Many people use them as a walkway from the street to the house -- again, no snow to shovel. They come in all sizes, from one car to as many as six -- narrow, wide, windows, doors? They are anchored to the driveway either by spikes or weights or both to keep them in place through the worst winter storm. Many people hang their mail boxes on the entrance to the Tempo, making life easier for the mail carrier struggling through the snow.

Tempo is a company in Laval, Quebec and of course that is where you see these structures everywhere. I live on the south shore of Montreal and they are abundant there as well. I am betting that as people become aware of this winter shelter and the practical advantages of being able to winter proof your driveway, shelters like this will spread across the Snow Belt in both the US and Canada.

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