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  • Tempo -- the temporary winter garage.

    No, those are not plastic igloos that you see in the photo above, but temporary winter structures called Tempo. As you can see in the photo, and if you caught the TV show you saw even more, there are Tempos as far as you could see in every direction. Most people use them as a temporary garage, ...
  • Winter Emergency Kit for your Car

    In this segment on my TV show we showed several commercial and home made winter emergency kits. The common elements are:some form of first aid kit red flashers or reflectors a flash light Candles aluminum foil for warmth a colorful distress flag - to show up against white snow 
  • Dividing available energy from your electrical panel

      YEARS AGO -- CHEATING A CLOTHES DRYER ONTO AN ELECTRICAL STOVE OUTLET TODAY - ADDING AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGER TO A FULLY LOADED BREAKER BOARD THE HISTORY Several years ago there existed in Canada a lot of homes with 60amp electrical mains panels. As electrical appliances became more and ...
  • Quebec all-electric? Not possible and not even a valid objective!

    EN FRANÇAIS There is an elephant in the room – QUEBEC GETS REALLY COLD.  The ecological dream of an all-electric urban society is suicidal in a cold climate like Quebec. Extended power system black-outs are a reality of life in Quebec.  Every few years electrical system black-outs have forced...