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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 25th, 2004

A comeback for hand powered lawn mowers?

Scotts lawnmowers has found that there is such a new demand for hand powered lawnmowers, that they have gone back to the drawing boards to make them even better. Many people do not have large lawns and are environmentally conscious about using gas, even electricity to mow lawns. Good gardeners know that the scissor cut made by this type of lawnmower is actually better for the grass than the tearing cut of the standard open blade lawn mowers, it slices the grass and actually seals the cut as it goes.

What's the big improvement in this model? Those two support wheels you see in the back that mat down very little of the grass, as compared to the old rolling pin we used to have. Another advantage, according to their promotional materials, is that it starts every time -- assuming you had a power breakfast.

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