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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, February 15th, 2004

Two innovative tools - drywall saw & screw gun

When you are looking for professional tool quality, in a DIY package -- here are two great tools.

The Rock-Eater is the best drywall saw ever made. The blade is far more rigid than an ordinary saw to allow it to be of a higher temper. That gives it a much sharper piercing point and best of all it has those Japanese style shark teeth, that cut in both directions. Since it is so sharp, it does not tear the paper. It comes in two sizes for regular cutting and for tight curves.

Quick-Driver is a DIY version of a collated screw gun, which means that the screws are fed in on a strip like a machine gun rather than having to take them out of your pocket one at a time. This drill add-on has a professional quality head with a quick attachment mechanism designed to be chucked onto any regular electric drill. Turn on the drill full speed and keep it on. As you place the head on the wood and push forward it will engage the screw and depth stops kick it out at the right depth so you can just move onto the next screw. They also make a long arm extended version for working on floors.

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