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Trained Indoor Air Quality Investigators

As indoor air quality (IAQ) has been identified as a more and more important issue in our homes, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  had  instituted a training program to train individuals/companies who are qualified to come into your home, identify IAQ problems and outline the solutions that you need to undertake. An important part of this new trade is that the investigators do not do the work, so they won't be inventing things that don't need to be done just to get more work. They will give you the solid basis from which you can ask for bids from contractors for the clean-up work.  Understand that CMHC has not taken on the liability of "certifying" these people, only giving them a solid training and attesting to the fact that they successfully completed their training.  As with any contractor, it remains up to you to check business and client references.

Gord Cook of Air Solutions Inc. in Cambridge, Ontario explained this new trade specialization to us on myTV show in 2004. Gord is a fellow that I have worked with for years and was one of the first of the trained IAQ investigators. The certification courses were budget cut in January 2011, but many of the investigators are still in the field and the last of them are completing their training by August 2011. 

Check out the CMHC web site for a lot of free information by searching for "Indoor Air Quality".  To get the names of three "Trained IAQ Investigators" in your area, call the help line at CMHC -- 1-800-668-2642. The list has not been published as such but they will help you to locate competent help.



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