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Hot Links for WebTogether Broadcast June 20, 2018


Here are some useful hotlinks for things discussed on June 20, 2018 WebTogether Consumer Broadcast.  For details on upcoming broadcasts click here.


Swivel Faucet aerators

Sediment in Hot Water Tank

Temperature limit valve


Steel Wool and Caulking against mice


Requirements for installing asphalt shingles on Mansard roofs


Placing panels for round drywall corners -- at 4min 26 sec

The beauty of a bull nose drywall corner -- at 3min 54 sec


Repointing brick techniques

What is a Rain Screen Wall?


Epithan stand alone capture card converts any HDMI output (camera, video player...) into a web cam

Milwaukee Wall Scope with pivoting head

SpyPoint motion activated or time lapse Solar powered camera

NTE100 Digital Otoscope $40 - almost a microscope

Digital Video Microscope - Barska


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