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Corner Treatments

This is a basic overview of using paper tapes, paper faced metal beads and standard outside metal corner beads. If you have never seen them before check out the round bull nosed inside and outside corners.

You also get a look at automatic taping machines.

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Joel Taylor on November 05, 2015 08:53

Hi Jon, if you are using an inside corner bead is it necessary to fill a space in the corner with Durabond to support the bead or is that redundant? Thanks.

Hello Joel,
Totally redundant if the metal corner bead is solidly attached.
-- Jon

Jon on May 12, 2010 10:44

I assume you are referring to the paper faced metal beads, square and bull nose for outside corners. I can understand not trusting them when we are so used to full metal and nails or screws to protect the corners -- but the reality is that these beads are slowly taking over the professional market, and not only because they are easier to install, and because bullnose does not exist in a screwed on product -- but because properly applied they stick very well. Notice that there is even a special professional compound applicator hopper and a 4 roller professional tool for production application. They are also easier to remove if you really slam into the wall -- see the video on Avoiding Problems with Metal Corners for more details on that problem.Paper faced metal corners beads will give you a professional job.

Dave on May 04, 2010 18:40

Jon.What happened to the Screws in the Corner Studs?This video is not something you want people to see and do, thinking this is a Professional Job.

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